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Rosa Brinkman

Within These Walls

Rosa Brinkman

Published: June 28, 2016

Genre: fiction

With three books already to my credit, I strive to write Christian romance novels that entertain, uplift, and change lives. Each one has threads of romance and serves as the perfect backdrop, allowing me to create memorable characters with fresh, exciting plots that lead to unexpected ends. My readers enjoy the messages and perspective of each novel, which are all written with God as an inspiration and changing lives as the primary goal.
Rosa Brinkman is a retired public school teacher of Special Needs Students/Disabled students. She is married and lives with her husband Tom and grandson Izayyah in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rosa earned her Masters of Education at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1988. She published her first book, In My Father’s Footsteps, As Told by His Son, in 2009. Her sequel, Binded by Blood was published in 2013. Within These Walls, adds more to the sequel and was released June, 2016. Rosa is currently writing a continuing sequel, Love Has No Boundaries.

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