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Steven Rolfes

Cincinnati Theaters

Steven Rolfes
Co-author: Doug Weise

Published: May 16, 2017

Genre: local

Steven J. Rolfes is a fourth-generation Cincinnatian. His articles have been published in America, Social Justice Review, Fate, and Liguorian.

Historic Downtown Cincinnati, was published in July 2011. Other book include Cincinnati Landmarks (2012); Cincinnati Art Deco (2014), coauthored with Doug Weise; Cincinnati Theaters (2016), coauthored with Doug Weise and Phil Lind; Cincinnati Underwater: The 1937 Flood (2014); and The Cincinnati Courthouse Riot (2016).
Steven has a passion for history, especially Cincinnati history. He has volunteered for years at the Cincinnati History Museum.

Steven enjoys family vacations to the most magical places on Earth: Walt Disney World and Disneyland.