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Saturday, October 28, 2017 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Duke Energy Convention Center

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Writing & Getting Published

Hone your craft and get noticed! Back by popular demand, the festival will again feature presentations and panel discussions for writers.

Attendees will learn the ins and outs of the publishing world, where to find local writing and publishing resources, how to improve writing skills and more.

Schedule of Events

 10:30 a.m.  11:30 a.m.  12:30 p.m.  1:30 p.m.  2:30 p.m.
Room 207/208

How Much is Too Much? Social Media Tips for Authors
Susan Wenner Jackson
Paul Smith
Sarah Bennett Wealer

Listen to experts in the fields of social media and publishing offer tips on the use of various social media channels for curating your personal content and publishing your work.

Moderator: Annette Wick

Jon Shestack

Curious about the process of taking a book and bringing it to the big screen? Ever wonder what film producers look for in a novel that makes them want to bring it to life? Join us as UC Digital Media faculty member and screenwriter, Kristyn Jo Benedyk, interviews producer Jon Shestack about what he looks for when acquiring the film rights for a book, tips on making your book more attractive to the cinema world, and other tales from his multi-decade career of taking stories from the script to the screen!

Moderator: Kristyn Benedyk

How to Work with Book Agents and Editors
Ammi-Joan Paquette
Meg Leder

These experienced book agent/editors (who are authors themselves) will offer tips on understanding what these business relationships can and cannot do for your manuscripts and your career. Finding an agent, understanding book contracts, the revision process, and managing expectations are the types of questions that will be considered. Come with your questions!

Moderator: Kathy Wiechman

Finding Your Voice
Pauletta Hansel
Thom Atkinson
Jeff Hillard

Creating fictional characters with strong, believable points of view is sometimes known as removing the author’s personal voice. It’s a skill that can be difficult for new and even some established writers. Authors must learn to trust their characters’ voices and trust the reader as an observer. The writers on this panel will discuss how they develop characters that “speak for themselves” while still serving the writer’s larger purposes.

Books as an Investigative Medium
Kristen Iverson
Ann Hagedorn
James Renner

Traditional channels for serious investigative journalism are continuing to shrink. Books have emerged as an important channel for investigative writing. These accomplished journalists will discuss the stories they’ve written about in books, covering such topics as a secret U.S. weapons plant and the privatization of government security functions. They will talk about how “book work” differs from other types of journalism.

Moderator: Elissa Yancey

Room 209 MakerSpace: How To Print a Book Yourself
Ella Mulford

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Main Library has an Espresso Book Maker, a machine that prints, binds, and trims retail quality paperback books. The machine can help writers print their own books at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Ella Mulford, MakerSpace Team Leader at the Library, will describe how the Library came to get the machine, its history, how to use it, best practices and who can best put the EBM to use. The EBM will be demonstrated at the Library (a short walk from the Convention Center) one hour after this presentation.

Local Writers Groups
Cincinnati Fiction Writers
NE Cincy Screenwriters
International Writers
Women Writing for (a) Change

One way writers share and improve their work is in writers’ groups, and there are a number of such groups in the southern Ohio region. Often specializing by genre, the groups vary in size, the experience levels of the members, and critique methods. Four writers’ groups are represented on this panel. They cater to women, fiction, international subjects, and screenwriting. Learn how to find a group and what to expect.

Moderator: Kareem Simpson

Playwriting as Art, Craft, and Business
Joe McDonough
David Kisor
Playwrights create the stories, setting and dialogue brought to life on stage by actors, directors, and designers. The established playwrights on this panel will discuss their writing process, including what they look for in material to adapt for the stage, theme and character development, and how they consider the strengths and limitations of live performance. The role of the playwright on production teams and the economics of writing for the stage will also be explored. Moderated by D. Lynn Meyers, Producing Artistic Director of the Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, and an ardent supporter of new playwrights.

Moderator: D Lynn Meyers

Book Illustrators
Loren Long
Bob Shea
Greg Pizzoli

The visual communication skills of illustrators are indispensable to most children’s books. These three accomplished artists will talk about their approaches to the creative process, their careers as illustrators and how they’ve negotiated the demands of the publishing industry.

Moderator: Ben Sapp

Opportunities for Writers: UC’s Acre Books and Cincinnati Review

Nicola Mason, Editor of Acre Books, reads selections from signature anthology (and Acre’s first publication), A Very Angry Baby. Featuring snippets from stories by Brock Clarke, Jaime Quatro, Julianna Baggott, Josh Russell, Margaret Luongo, and more. Official launch of Cincinnati Review/Acre Books YouTube Channel. Content (projected on screen) including segments following manuscripts through the submission process, art-song performances, author interviews, video poems, and more.


Room 210 Family Literacy
Michelle Warner
Ohio Writing Project
Children’s Diverse Books Matter
Alia Jones
Greg Leitich Smith
Zetta Elliott

Many people are concerned about the lack of diversity among the characters and topics in children’s literature. This panel of authors and a bookseller will discuss the problem and its causes. Learn what’s being done to draw attention to this vital issue. There will be a time for comments from the audience too.

Moderator: Sam Bloom

Meet the 2016 Writing Contest Winners!


Writing & Illustrating Comics
Darren Mueller
David Michael Beck
Scott DM Simmons

Join this session for a Q&A with three professionals who came to the comic book business in very different ways. Learn about their journey within the trade and tips on how to navigate it.

Moderator: LeAnn McNabb

New Paths to Publishing
Peter Raber
David FitzSimmons
Brian Wells

Authors are using new ways to finance their endeavors and to bring their products to market. These authors are successfully using these new methods. Hear their stories and (perhaps) share your own ideas for stepping outside traditional publishing methods.

Main Library, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine St. Espresso book maker machine demonstration in Main Library’s MakerSpace.