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Writing and Getting Published

Writing and Getting Published Panels

11:00 AM
Small Publishers
Sarah Hawley/Orange Frazer Press, Kim Jacobs-Beck/Milk & Cake Press, Lisa Ampleman/Acre Books
Room 207
Raising Readers & Writers
J. Postell/Junior Authors,
Gabrielle Walker/2023-2024 Youth Poet Laureate of Cincinnati
Room 208
12:00 PM
David & Misty Wilson; Jennifer Habel & Chris Bachelder; Brent Coleman & C.F. Payne
Room 207
Writing Workshop
Ashley Ferguson
Annette J. Wick
Room 208
1:00 PM
Research for Writing
Tameka N. Ellington, Greg Hand, Alan March
Room 207
Carolyn Grace, Rebecca Griswold, Roberta Schultz
Room 208
2:00 PM
Writing Contest Announcements
Room 207